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>> Strength and Technique

A lot of people come to the box wanting to lift big weights as a sign of strength for themselves and their peers.  Fundamentally, any safe lifting requires safe technique.  We spent a lot of time with technique.  From time to time we see athletes from other disciplines or other arenas of fitness who are already strong when they come to us, but with serious flaws in technique.  To us, technique is everything.

Taking the time to master the correct technique with lighter weights requires patience and persistence.  But with correct technique, the strength gains will come safely and without risk of injury to your body.  Sound technique takes time.  It takes patience in instruction.  There is little point giving the athletes too many corrective coaching cues at once.  It’s too much for the athlete to focus on.

We correct the major flaws first, establish the foundation for correct technique and refine.  Strength will then come, and that is exactly what we see with our athletes:  Vince Simonetta, Strength and Conditioning Coach, CrossFit Mildura