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>> Tales from the Box - Vince

I came to CrossFit from a background of over 38 years of strength training and power lifting,  and a lifetime of competition, training for competition, studying nutrition, training methodology – I’ve had a lifetime of passion for fitness, strength and getting the best from my body.  

After achieving 1 GPA World powerlifting title Master 50 to 54 years. Current World record holder in the Deadlift, with 260kg. 19 National powerlifting titles, 21 State powerlifting titles and competing internationally, I found myself looking for something stimulating to take my passion for fitness and strength to the next level.  And this is where CrossFit has entered my life and created so many new challenges, and enable me to pursue new skills and take my fitness, and those of my athletes to the next level.  I had really felt that my body had become stuck in a rut where new challenges were beyond me, and what my body could do.  I had started losing flexibility in my shoulders and other areas of my body, and CrossFit has enabled me to overcome those obstacles, and take my own body to another level, to enable my athletes to take their strength, flexibility and fitness challenges to another level.  

I just love CrossFit and what is has done for me, and I love watching those same changes, that same passion in my athletes, and encouraging and ultimately watching them take their own fitness, strength and flexibility to levels beyond their own expectations.

- Vince Simonetta