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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is high intensity, constantly varied functional strength training.  More specifically, it’s a combination of accessible moves from the disciplines of Olympic lifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular based fitness activities.

What does that mean?

Functional movements are universal motor recruitment patterns, multi-joint, core to extremity movements we use in our everyday lives.

High Intensity – maximises the body’s adaptation to exercise producing results in increasing load, distance, speed and power

Constantly varied – that is, not fixed, predictable or routine.  This means that the body is constantly challenged and improving

How hard is it?

To some people, just the words gymnastics and Olympic weight lifting are scary enough.  Hey they look great on TV right, but impossible for you?  Actually, CrossFit is surprisingly accessible to all levels of fitness and abilities.  All workouts can be adapted (or scaled) to your workout level, to challenge your body at a safe level and a suitable level for you.  All our athletes new to CrossFit are required to complete a Fundamentals course to the satisfaction of one of our coaches.  We won’t let you loose in a CrossFit class until we feel you and your body are ready.  Generally this takes between 1-3 classes, depending on your level of experience and natural talent for CrossFit movements.

Once you have graduated to participating in CrossFit classes, all workouts can be modified in terms of movements or weights reduced to light or body weight movements to suit your individual needs/restrictions/capacities.