>>Vince Simonetta crossfit level 1 AND STRENGTH COACH

Vince is CrossFit Mildura's strength and conditioning coach coming from a 41 year competitive power lifting history achieving 1 World Championship title, 20 National titles, 26 Victorian titles, represented Australia at the Oceania Powerlifting Titles on 5 occasions and represented Australia at the World Championships in 1999 and 2014.

Vince is our technique guru on weight lifting and has an uncanny knack in seeing when an athlete's form is breaking, or when an athlete can lift that little bit more but needs encouragement. Vince pays careful attention to preparation and technique, balancing the muscles of the body, and building strength for some of CrossFit's more complex movements.

Vince also takes personal training sessions and corporate group sessions at CrossFit Mildura in his spare time! Strength and conditioning coaching is Vince's life passion and he believes strongly in the community atmosphere of the CrossFit sport.

>>Leon Brakenridge CrossFit Level 1

Leon, alias "Chief" also comes from a strong very active sporting background from an early age & right throughout my younger years, playing everything from rugby to golf, touch to basketball, league to cricket & everything in-between. This all came to a screaming holt in 2009 when he found himself at the lowest point of his life after a coma left him feeling unhappy, depressed, unmotivated, overweight, and everything felt so negative and hopeless!

October 2011 Chief experienced his first introduction into CrossFit, participating in a fund raiser attempting the workout known as "Fight Gone Bad". Afterwards he decided to make it happen & get his life back on track.

Two years on & Chief has nothing but positive things to say about CrossFit. "It's a FUNtastic strength & conditioning program designed to create a broad general & inclusive type of fitness. I What a really love is the aim which is to specialize in not specializing…..confused? If so I challenge you to come in & take a look, I guarantee without a doubt CrossFit will seek to create favourable adaptation across the 10 generally recognised physical skills. Cardiovascular respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, accuracy, agility, balance, coordination & flexibility."

>>Larry Dimasi CrossFit Level 1

Larry comes from a background of excellence and achievement in mixed martial arts to CrossFit. He holds a black belt in mixed martial arts, is passionate about nutrition and wellbeing, and has a strong commitment to CrossFit and the energy that the functional strength training gives him in every day life.