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A very successful and gratifying Fit Wars 10 to complete the series of the competition that has been on going since 2011.

CrossFit Mildura stepped up to the competition placing an Open and a Scaled Team consisting of two males and two females into the mix of up to 300 competitors from affiliates scattered over Australia.

 CrossFit Mildura’s Open Team comprising of Vural Karakurt, Leon ‘Chief’ Brackenridge, Lauren Forrester and Melissa Byrnes. The Open Team ‘All Chalk’ completed two grueling days, seven events involving a wide variety of fitness fundamentals such as swimming, an 18km trail run, and all of the bodyweight and barbell movements CrossFit has to offer. Finishing 5th place ahead of some of South Australia’s toughest competition in a range of 18 other Open Teams ‘All Chalk’ has really set a strong standard for CrossFit Mildura and did an amazing job. 

 With the Scaled Team ‘Cougars & The Cubs’ consisting of Anthony Simonetta, Todd Shannon, Kelly Karakurt and Emma Bath placed against 36 other affiliate teams worked through a single day of four events and a final event pushing their limits and working extremely hard which paid off to finish a fantastic weekend falling in 6th place in the mix of 36 other Scaled Teams.

 A big thank you to the family that is CrossFit Mildura, without the support and help of fellow athletes who travelled to the event, the teams would not be in the form they are in.

 Everyone is extremely proud of the teams that competed and looks forward to what the future has to bring to these excelling athletes.




>>FitWars9 - 9-15 Jun 2014 Adelaide Showgrounds

Sunday 15 June 2014 saw a growing number of CrossFit athletes converge upon the Adelaide Showgrounds to strut their strength and athleticism. CrossFit Mildura had two Open Teams – Kylie and Greg ("Hornbags") and Mel and Vural ("Turkish Delight") competing against strong competition from the Adelaide dominating clubs – CrossFit Adelaide, CrossFit Loaded and CrossFit5000 who dominated the top 10 placings in both the Open and Scaled Teams events. Mel and Vural achieved 10th in the Open Teams event showing great focus and determination. Kylie and Greg suffered at the hands of an unfortunate slippery concrete lane allocation in the final event made pushing the sled a monumental challenge which they both fought to defeat. The lane was later closed to competition in the individual rounds of competition. Both Kylie and Greg displayed tremendous tenacity in the context of the adversity.

In the Scaled Teams, CrossFit Mildura had four teams competing – Mez and Todd, Gabby and Yages, Ant and Kel, and Grant and Bianca. The depth of our talent shone in this category as our Mother and Son team overcame injury to put in a performance we were all proud of, with Todd showing great strength and competition maturity. Grant and Bianca achieved a commendable 4th place in their first ever CrossFit competition performance, whilst Gabby and Yages placed 5th as a memorable birthday present for Yages whose birthday coincidentally fell on the same day as FitWars9. Ant and Kel packed a lot of power into their lithe frames, showing great determination.

All in all a great day for CrossFit Mildura, and a fun day for all. Special thanks to Ian Alexander, for running around the stadium taking photos

>>Capo State Powerlifting Titles - 10 May 2014 Melbourne

Brooke Aitkin, strength athlete, and Vince Simonetta, our strength coach, attended the CAPO State Powerlifting Titles at Doherty's Gym in Dandenong to flex their strength. A very successful day's competition was achieved with Brooke winning the State Title for Open Women with a squat of 117.5kg, bench of 62.5kg and deadlift of 175kg, giving her a 3 lift total of 355kg. Amazing effort and no real surprise to any of the CrossFit Mildura members who know the depth of Brooke's strength well.

Returning to 3 Lift Competition after a break, Vince displayed his reknown strength and technique to unofficially set 4 National Capo lifting records with a 180kg squat, 100kg bench, 270kg deadlift, giving him a 3 lift total of 550kg. He ranked second amongst all the masters men age groups and both athletes scored lovely trophies to take home. Bring on the Nationals in Brisbane in August as these athletes continue their strength training program!

>>Schwartz's CrossFit Challenge - 2-3 Nov 2013 Melbourne

CrossFit Mildura had two athletes competing at SCC in Larry Dimasi, an entrant in Masters Men, and Kylie Horner competing in open women. Schwart's CrossFit Challenge is a CrossFit competition of some note, with often super challenging wods and components to the workouts. Our athletes weren't daunted by the challenge though, and Larry ranked an impressive second in the Masters Men event, including a strength display of 30 shoulder to overhead at 70kg after 50 pull ups and 40 wall balls. Kylie performed strongly once again, and managed a massive 52.5kg chest to overhead for her small "pocket rocket" frame. A great day out, and some impressive competition from all the athletes in which our CrossFit Mildura athletes held their own.

>>FitWars7 - 13 Oct 2013 Adelaide Showgrounds

Fitwars 7 was our first CrossFit Mildura competition and we had a range of competitors in scaled, open, teams and individual events. Chief, Greg and Vural all competed solidly in the Open Mens Category, whilst Kylie put in a strong performance in the Open Women's event, displaying great improvement in her strength under the guidance of CrossFit Mildura strength coach, Vince Simonetta. Our stars of the day Lozzie and Mel combined well to achieve second place in the Open Women teams event against fierce competition. Great efforts all round!

>>Vince's Surprise Birthday - Oct 2013

For a bit of fun and conspiracy, the whole box (without Vince's knowledge- ha ha!) organised a surprise birthday party, celebrating both his birthday and our sense of community in the box, combining of people of all ages, walks of life, levels of ability to bond and share the celebration!

>>In the Box 2013

At CrossFit Mildura, we don't just believe in producing strong athletes with great technique. We believe in creating a supportive, encouraging and happy community of people from differing levels of fitness, different walks of life, different backgrounds, different strengths and weaknesses. Together we are one :)


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