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Getting started with CrossFit Mildura is easy. Contact us and we will arrange a series of technique training sessions for you to introduce you gently to the fundamental movements of CrossFit. The number of "fundamentals" – (the name by which we refer to these training sessions) that you will need to do before you enjoy a group CrossFit class at CrossFit Mildura will depend upon a number of factors:-

  • Your current level of fitness;
  • Any previous lifting experience you have;
  • Any previous CrossFit experience you have;
  • How quickly you pick up the techniques you are shown.

>> Fundamentals

As a general rule of thumb, we find at CrossFit Mildura that it takes between 3-5 fundamentals sessions for each newcomer athlete to master the techniques to a level where they are able to safely join a beginner CrossFit class. If you have previous CrossFit experience with another box, we still like to take you through one fundamentals session to ensure that the techniques that you have learned are correct and you are lifting safely without risk of injury to your body.

Casual fundamentals sessions cost $20 per session and are payable at the commencement of the session.

>> Membership fees

During your fundamentals sessions, we will discuss the pricing of membership which is available by direct debit payment monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually to suit your convenience.

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