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Vince Simonetta, our strength and conditioning coach is also available for personal training sessions and/or strength and conditioning sessions. With over twenty years of personal training experience, Vince combines his wealth of experience in powerlifting, body building, nutrition, weight management, rehabilitation from injuries, including specific sport training to assist athletes from other sports to enhance their performance.

Vince's current clients include elite athletes seeking to make those small improvements to take them to the next level in their sport. Other clients include people simply wishing to keep fit and/or lose weight, people rehabilitating from injury, and corporate clients.

Vince's achievements in body building and powerlifting over a 41 year + history in the sports include, Gold medal at the 2014 GPA World powerlifting championships (masters 50 to 54) 20 National titles, 23 State Tiles and SA Open Mens Body building Title IFBB and Runner Up Vic Open Mens Title IFBB, amongst other regional titles.

Personal training is available on a sessional basis with Vince at Mildura Strength and Performance Centre / CrossFit Mildura or on a remote basis with Vince providing you with a program with optional monitoring on varying basis (weekly, fortnightly, monthly Skype connections). Enquire with Vince at for further information.