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Monday to Friday

6am, 5:30pm, CrossFit classes. Strength Class Wednesday 6.30pm
Fundamentals Mon to Friday 6.30pm on demand

Each Monday –Friday class is structured carefully with your optimum fitness and strength/conditioning min mind. Lots of careful thought goes into the planning of the workouts of the day (WODs) to manage the balancing of stress upon muscle groups, and balancing the body's conditioning and strength. Some weeks we might focus on stressing (and strengthening) a specific group of muscles, whilst other weeks we focus on strength development for some of the more difficult CrossFit movements.

The result is a dynamic, challenging and yet fun workout each weekday conditioning both your body and your mind.


Open Gym 9:00am – 10:30am

Saturday – Open Gym. The structure of the Saturday classes is a little more flexible, and often has the feeling of bringing the whole group of athletes together. We have a bit more time to get to know each other more than a 1 hour class. We use this time to focus on skill work foundational to some of the more difficult CrossFit movements, or to simply take the time to check and refine basic movements. Saturday's Open Gym generally starts with a strong focus on stretching, then some skill work, maybe some strength work, and then a series of shorter WODs, or some team WODs, or a WOD that we have seen and liked online that is a bit different and want to try.

On Saturdays following the Open Gym, sometimes we get together at Sumo Salad in 8th street where we get looked after by the staff, very well and we enjoy each other's company. Sometimes partners come along. Sometimes kids too.


rest Day

Rest Day.